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Holding Their Paw & Your Hand Until Their Journey's End

In-Home veterinary nursing services. Specializing in senior pet care, hospice & palliative care.

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Our Values

We hold ourselves to very high standards when it comes to your pet's care. Our values inspire us in everything we do and with every family we meet. Compassionate Pet Care is the bridge between your regular in-hospital veterinary care and the care you give at home. Through effective communication we are committed to working with your primary veterinarian to promote better outcomes for pets with lifelong conditions and senior pets in our community.


We recognize that you have an incredible bond with your beloved pet and that is why we not only support your pet's physical and medical needs but also their emotional needs and we support you and your families needs as well. In hospice, the patient is the family unit. Your family is included in all aspects.


Plan before it becomes a crisis. We understand talking about the end of your pet's journey in life with you can be a difficult subject to discuss but, we believe it will help decrease your stress and minimize any regrets from making decisions when you are emotionally distraught . We are here to help navigate the difficult questions before a crisis arises.


We understand that everyone has their own beliefs, opinions, faiths, philosophies and lifestyles and we are here to support those in all capacities that aid you and your pet.


We believe that no pet should suffer from physical and/or emotional pain. We will first and foremost advocate for your pet's overall well-being in order to give your pet the dignity they deserve in their golden years.


We believe you should be armed with all the knowledge and information you can get, which enables you to make highly informed decisions for the care of your pet. Care takes time and we take as much time as you need to ensure you have every opportunity to discuss your concerns with us.

We maintain our high standards by continuously learning about senior pet care, animal hospice & palliative care (including pain assessment & management, physical therapy, alternative therapies, etc.) pet loss & grief support, end-of-life pet care and aftercare by attending continuing education both online and in person, by speaking about pet hospice topics at veterinary conferences and utilizing the many resources we have within the veterinary medical community worldwide. Medicine and science is ever changing and advancing. We happily accept the challenge of being lifelong learners in order to continue to give you peace of mind during the end of your pet's life journey with you.

At Home Services

Home is where the heart is.

And that is why we provide many in-home services to help assist with your pet. Some pets, particularly senior pets & pets with life limiting diseases increasingly have difficulty going to the veterinary clinic. While they will always need to be seen by a veterinarian for diagnosis, medications and surgeries, we are here to bridge the care between your veterinarian's care and the care you give at home.


*NEW* Individual Services for Any Pet

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Medical Services & Consultations

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Animal Hospice Consulting & Services

Is it difficult to get your pet to the veterinarian's office just for a nail trim? Would your pet benefit from having minimal treatments or minor diagnostics done at home where they are most comfortable?

Do you have a pet that was recently diagnosed with a life-limiting condition or chronic disease?  Do you find it difficult to administer treatments or find your pet's treatments overwhelming?

Do you have a pet that was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease? Is your pet becoming difficult to give medications and treatments to? Is thinking about your older pets medical challenges stressing you out?

Cat Walking

What People Say

"I had Jessi come into my home to do an initial consultation with me and my dog, Jacob Eddie (JE). She was patient, kind, and thorough. She brought a wealth of information with her, which has been helpful in caring for JE in the twilight of his life. He’s usually pretty nervous at the vet, but Jessi was able to do a blood draw in the comfort of home for him and drop it off at our regular vet office. She followed up after our initial visit to see how things were going, and I plan to call on her again as needed for JE. I highly recommend Jessi’s services – they are a great resource for pets (and their people) in the area!"

Christine Larson

"I am really impressed with your notes & level of care! You are really professional yet compassionate."

Dr. Jennifer Aschenbrener, veterinarian


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Area of Service
Within 100 miles of Negaunee, MI in the state of Michigan. Due to professional medical licensing we cannot service patients in Wisconsin at this time.  If you live outside this distance but within Michigan, please inquire for more information. 

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