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Do I need a referral?

At this time, an official referral form is not required. Nursing services such as blood pressures, ECGs, blood draws & other services need to have a recommendation from your veterinarian. Those recommendations may either come right from your veterinarian to us in the form of an email or phone call or they may come from you after your veterinarian has recommended it to you. Routine Care services such as nail trims, medication administration &/or treatments, etc. as well as consultations. You may contact us directly for those services.

How much do these services cost?

Costs vary based on the service(s) you request. Services start at $20 and range up to $100. As the driving distances in the Upper Peninsula have a wide range, all services will have a Travel Service Fee based on how far your home is from the city of Negaunee.

What is your availability for appointments?

We can easily accommodate appointments from same day to within a week.

What is your area of service?

While we are based in Marquette county and primarily stay within 100 miles of the city of Negaunee, we are willing to travel the entirety of the Upper Peninsula. Due to licensing regulations, we cannot provide services to patients and clients in Wisconsin at this time.  There are Travel Service Fees based on the distance to your home from the city of Negaunee. Drives over 100 miles &/or have a drive time over 2 hours will incur additional costs.

How much time does an in-home appointment take?

Appointment times vary based on the services provided. In general, they take about 5 mins up to 2 hours. The longer appointments tend to be the Consultation Services while the shorter appointments tend to be the individual Routine Care Services.

Can multiple pets be seen during an appointment?

Absolutely! Assisting more than one pet is very convenient and we will schedule enough time to accommodate each of them.  

Can we book ahead for repeat appointments?

Absolutely! This makes sure we are able to get your pet on our schedule with days and times that work best for you.  

What happens if my pet is still nervous/scared?

By providing in-home services, our goal is to minimize stress, anxiety, and fear even more by using Fear Free techniques. However, if you feel your pet is still stressed with at-home visits, you may want to consult your primary veterinarian about the option of using an anti-anxiety medication for future visits. (These can be greatly beneficial to in-clinic visits as well.) This will allow for a calmer and safer experience for you and your pet. If anti-anxiety medications are not recommended, we can discuss alternative ways to deliver care in the safest manner.

-Keep in mind that if at any time your pet is too uncomfortable or poses a threat to themselves or anyone else, we will have to discontinue the visit at that time. We can resume services once we have a safer plan to deliver care.

Do you provide services for pets other than cats and dogs?

We can provide many of our services for other pets. Please contact us to inquire for services for other species of pets.

What happens after an appointment?

We know that some of our conversations can become in-depth and can even be overwhelming if there are a lot of emotions associated with the appointment and sometimes things can be forgotten. That is why after each appointment, thorough notes are written, and they are sent to you as a Report Card of the visit via email or physical mail. The Report Card will be emailed to your primary veterinarian as well so they are informed of what was discussed, what services were performed and to relay any findings they requested so they may further treat your pet’s medical needs.

Do you have veterinarians on staff?

We are a Veterinary (Technician) Nursing service. We are not a replacement for Veterinarian advice or treatment. We do not diagnose, prescribe, perform surgery, or independently euthanize pets. We strictly act according to your veterinarian's recommendations to facilitate and achieve the highest quality of care. We do not have any veterinarians on staff. Please contact your primary veterinarian for medications, advanced diagnostics, emergencies and euthanasias.

Do you have emergency services?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to handle emergencies. If you feel your pet may be experiencing an emergency, we ask that you contact your primary veterinary clinic’s emergency number.

Can you euthanize my pet?

Due to Michigan licensing regulations, Licensed Veterinary Technicians are prohibited from independently euthanizing pets. Please contact a licensed veterinarian to arrange these services. Alternatively, you can contact NorthPaw Veterinary House Calls, Northern Lights Veterinary Services, or Best Life Veterinary House Calls for at-home euthanasias with 24 hours’ notice.

Does my pet insurance reimburse the cost of your services?

With so many different pet insurance companies, it is impossible to know if every one of them will reimburse the cost of our services. It never hurts to submit your claim and have them contact us so we can assist in getting your claim processed with them.

Do you have any assistance with financial needs?

All services are paid upon completion. If you need financial assistance, please see the Financial Resources section on our Resources page.

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