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Pet Photo Contest Time!

Contest Rules- The Finer Details

It's time to have new brochures made for Compassionate Pet Care. As we did before, we want to feature YOUR pets! Below is all the information you need to know for entering and winning our photo contest.

To Qualify for the Photo Contest

  • Participants must react (like, love, care) to the December 6th post and share the post within the contest period.

  • Because the Human-Animal Bond is so incredibly important, we are asking that the content of the photos highlight the Human-Animal Bond. In other words, photos must contain a human and pet interacting.

  • Please include the pet's name and age. You can include the person's name if you like but this is not required.

  • Photos must be authentic, your own photo(s) & must not be used in promotional materials elsewhere.

  • Limit 2 entries per person.

Contest Period.

Entries can be submitted as comments on the Facebook post between December 6, 2022 and January 6, 2023.


  • A new Facebook post will be made on January 7, 2023 including all qualifying photos which will run until 11:59 pm January 13, 2023.

  • To vote for photos, react to (like, love, care) the photo(s) you like the most on the January 7th post. Only reactions to the January 7th post will be counted as votes.


  • There will be 4-6 photos selected for the brochure. The top 10 photos with the most votes will be sent to Superior Design where they will choose the photos that fit the best in the layout of the new brochure. The photo with the most votes is guaranteed one of the spots on the brochure.

  • The top 10 winners will be notified by Facebook messenger notification and Facebook and website announcement by January 15, 2023

  • Winners must sign a photo/media release allowing us to use their photo in our promotional materials. Photos cannot be used without this being signed. In the event that one of the 10 winners does not return the signed photo/media release in the required period, the photo with the next highest voting will be notified to participate.

  • In addition to being featured on the brochure, Facebook Page and website, the winner will receive a discount on one pet memorial item of their choosing from Sheltered Harbor Pet Memorials and a free nail trim through Compassionate Pet Care (restrictions apply).

  • All winners featured in the brochure will receive a printed copy of the brochure with their pet in it.

  • The other top 9 winners will receive a free nail trim through Compassionate Pet Care (restrictions apply).

Restrictions to Free Nail Trims

  • Nail trim must be for the winner's own pet.

  • The nail trim service is free but winner is still required to pay for reduced travel fee.

  • Some distances may be too far to accommodate a reduced travel fee.

  • Some winners may be too far away to accommodate the free nail trim and in lieu of the nail trim for those winners they will receive a comparable gift card.

  • Pet that is receiving nail trim must be safe for handling.

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