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What to do about So... Many... Medications &/or Treatments

Your pet was diagnosed with a condition that will need treatments for the rest of their life. They have many medications and treatments that need to be given multiple times per day. It's all very confusing and overwhelming. You want what is best for your beloved pet but just aren't sure how to handle it all. What can you do?

One of the easiest ways to organize your pet's medical needs at home is to have a treatment sheet. What is a treatment sheet? A treatment sheet lists the medications or other treatments your pet may need throughout the day and when they need to be given. Not only does it help organize what needs to be given or done and when, but it can be very beneficial if you have multiple people in a home that are caring for your pet so things don't accidentally forgotten or doubled up.

Here are 3 options to having a handy treatment sheet for your pet.

  1. The first option would be to ask your veterinarian or other veterinary staff member if they can make you a sample treatment sheet. Many clinics already have blank treatment sheet templates that they use for hospitalized patients. One could easily be filled out before you leave your veterinary clinic.

  2. You could make one yourself. It doesn't have to be sophisticated or fancy. It can be as simple as listing the medications with times and check boxes.

  3. Lastly, if you have scheduled an appointment with me, I would absolutely be able to help you with organizing a treatment sheet for your pet.

This photo shows an example of a treatment sheet that I made for a client's pet. I laminated it and attached a dry erase marker to it. It could also have small magnets attached to it to be able to put it on the refrigerator. It lists medications as well as "cleaning area around eyes", "medicated bath," whether they went for a walk or went to the bathroom. When something is completed, we initial the task so we know who completed it and notes can always be written on it as well. Again, it doesn't have to be strict format, just as long as the system you choose works for you and your family to make your pet more comfortable. If you need assistance with organizing a treatment sheet, administering medications & treatments or any other in-home services, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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