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Great News!

Re-opening soon with a few changes and added services. It is with great pleasure that we announce our re-opening in the next 4-6 weeks. We are awaiting approval for an account from a veterinary supplier in order to more easily acquire reliable PPE. Once the account has been approved and we are able to order and receive additional PPE, we will once again be open to serve you and your pets in your homes. Changes we have made include increased PPE while in your home as well as COVID-19 screening questions prior to each visit. If anyone in our home is sick, comes in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 or is being tested for it, you will get a phone call notifying you of such and asking for a time to reschedule when appropriate. This notice may be very short notice. We ask for your patience and flexibility at this time. Announcements of additional services will be made just prior to re-opening. Stay tuned!!

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